Because, it’s that important-Part Two.



I thought “leap day” would be a good day to further expound on my thoughts regarding our current state of affairs in this country that we all (hopefully) love and want our children and grandchildren to love, live, and prosper in. In my opinion, some of this requires a bit of a “leap” of faith.

I have been stumping for Bernie. Some of my friends think I’ve changed my political spots because of this. I haven’t. I am taking this leap of faith because he is clearly the best choice for America-and by extension-for you and me, at this particular time in history, No, I am not concerned with the fact that he is labeled a “socialist”. I base my opinion on several factors. Perhaps most importantly his character and integrity. His message hasn’t changed much in 30 years, and his commitment to take on the Wall Street gang, and the obnoxious wealth/power hoarders, and implement political reformation-namely quelling the power that the insidious lobbyists have in the hallowed halls of the congress and senate (and oval office), is not a socialistic venture, it is very much a conservative approach to our government. This is why it is so important for each of us to consider how this endeavor could and should impact our lives.

Socialism…I mean, c’mon..the word isn’t as dirty as some make it out to be. It isn’t the same as the “red fear” of communism that some of us remember growing up. We ALL are socialist to some degree. Yes, we are. If you carry a social security card-you are a card carrying socialist. If you use any of the services provided by any city/state/or federal governments–you ARE a socialist. Be it the local fire department or police department, to the interstates and bridges that tie this country together. So, relax, it’s ok…we need some socialistic aspect in today’s world. The two I would be in favor of–health care, no one should ever go without healthcare, ever. If we are truly the richest and “best” country on Earth, this is beyond abysmal, it is cruel. Education, no one should ever have to go without the education they desire…no matter their heritage or social class. Ever. And, they should NOT be buried in debt after obtaining their degree(s), ever. We need to invest in everyone and educate them. Stop and consider how many brilliant minds have been shoved aside because their station in life hasn’t allowed them to be educated…we are shooting ourselves in the ass.

Libertarians–I associate with this group because I too believe that we should aim for less government corruption, control, and ineptness with a stronger emphasis on individual rights. We should never tinker with the Constitution or the Bill of Rights..but once again..c’mon folks..we CANNOT be a libertarian many people would suffer horribly. We must observe, and practice social responsibility..there are just far too many people on this rock. They count. We all count, or no one counts.

Conservatives– I am one, but I cannot support the corporate greed and wealth hoarding–you shouldn’t either–it is going to eradicate the middle class and drive us all into dependency–slavery. Currently, we are subsidizing a huge percentage of our population because they do not make enough income to live unencumbered by entitlements, BECAUSE of corporate greed and wealth hoarding. Let those greedy bastards pay a living wage, and make them invest in this economy, this country’s healthcare crisis and education crisis. Dwight Eisenhower…a conservative…supported a 90% tax rate on corporations that were hoarding their profits…stating that he supported capitalism and encouraged it, but the middle class and the government shouldn’t be on the hook because they were not socially responsible for their own employees, or interested in investing in our futures.

You see, putting labels on people and political dogma is not in any of our best interest. We cannot be just one of the above groups, we must be all of the above. We must understand there is no other choice….well, except fascism, or more of the same…how’s that working out for any of us 98%ers?

We all are privileged in this country..we have the right of choice by voting, we must be wise with our vote. The choices in this upcoming election are clear. Voting for anyone other than Trump, or Hillary, or Bernie, is a wasted and meaningless vote-that is the definition of reckless. Your vote is too important, please dont be reckless–let your vote be your voice, the choices are clear.

To me, and to many other conservatives, socialists, libertarians, and independents…Bernie represents sanity, and an opportunity to venture down the pathway to find the roadway to a government of the people, by the people, for the people–which transcends any party affiliation or political dogma.

He will no more “fix” all our problems than he will convert us to a socialist government/people…but he is on the right path and can be our voice to reclaiming what truly is ours..we gave it away..we allowed it, let’s unify and take it back. One election at a time. It’s time for a political enema. Let’s insist on true representation.

Don’t be like the little lamb pictured, leaping aimlessly, take a “leap of faith”.

Join the revolution.

Mitch Littlefield

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I was born into a large family in the mid 1950s, in Belfast, Maine. My family owned and operated three working farms during my childhood, and the entire family worked these farms. It is these formative years, this family, those farms, and that way of life that is the background for these stories.