About Mitch

NCP press releaseMitch Littlefield

I was born into a large family in the mid 1950s, in Belfast, Maine. My family owned and operated three working farms during my childhood, and the entire family worked these farms. It is these formative years, this family, those farms, and that way of life that serves as the background for my offerings in “The Farmer in Your Dell…musings of a former farm-boy.” After high school, I moved from the farm and have tried my hand at many things ranging from working in the chicken factories in Belfast, to becoming a licensed stock-broker, along with multiple other incarnations. With this jack of all trades, master of none approach, I’ve experienced many different perspectives in life and each of them have their own stories to be told.

Story telling is an art form that is fading away with each generation and one that I cherish from my own childhood years when my elders would spin yarns that never grew old to my ears and always stimulated my over-active imagination. It has become my mission in life, to be that story-teller of my generation.​

Being a 12th generation Mainer, I’m told, makes me a qualified native. Even though I’ve traded in the bib overalls of the farm and now live in the “big city” of Bangor, I cherish my farm-boy roots, and will always live in my beloved Maine. I am blessed to still have that large and loving family, most who continue to live and work nearby the farms I grew up on, which includes my three adult children, and at present count, three grand children, who I unashamedly spoil horribly.

Mitch Littlefield is the author of the recently published book of short stories “Memories of Shucking Peas”, which can be found online at the major book outlets or in your local bookstore. Feel free to visit Mitch at his website- http://www.minormeadow.com or email him at mitch@minomeadow.com